“School is for kids; 海德 is for families.”


Do you believe there is a connection between your child’s success at 海德 and your participation in the Family Program?



2002年,劳拉和马尔科姆·高尔德写道 这是sb体育有史以来最大的工作 (斯克里布纳尔出版社). 与其他以孩子为中心的教育书籍不同, 最大的工作 关注孩子的主要老师——父母. The book was written with the primary purpose of helping mothers and fathers accept and honor the commitment to be exceptional 父s. 最大的工作 book and program is based on three beliefs about that commitment:

  1. 它是 .
  2. 它是 可行的.
  3. 它是 永远都不会太晚.

最大的工作 presents and explores 10 Priorities that have come to form the backbone of 海德’s family education program:

  1. 真理在和谐
  2. 原则在规则
  3. 态度超过能力
  4. 设定高期望,放弃结果
  5. 值成功 & 失败
  6. 让障碍变成机会
  7. 把握住,放手
  8. 创造个性文化
  9. 谦逊地请求和接受帮助
  10. 灵感:# 1的工作

海德 父s examine and explore their roles relative to these Priorities alongside their peers, 他们的孩子, 和教师.


在他1993年的书中 海德 -为生活做准备, 海德 founder Joe Gauld explains, “The most influential person in the process is the . 家长对海德过程的理解程度如何, 然后根据理解采取行动, is the single most important factor in student and family success, 不仅仅是在海德, 但是在以后的生活中.”

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The Family Program at sb体育 encourages a lifelong journey of personal and family growth.



Connecting the family’s strengths and challenges to their vision.

Learning about the core beliefs and principles of the 海德 Education.


三个必需的组件 为期一年的项目. 前两年有一个结构化的模式. Subsequent years allow 父s flexibility within the program’s framework.

  1. 地区 -海德家族的全球网络, the region provides a setting for 父s to focus on their own growth. Parents are expected to attend three regional meetings (September; November and; January) and participate in 海德 webinars. 在三月假期,家庭做社区服务.  The September meeting is a 父 orientation; the January meeting is an overnight retreat.
  2. 家庭学习中心 – FLC是一个为期两三天的校园研讨会. (Veteran families have the option to attend a wilderness FLC in Eustis, ME.)  Parents each choose a date (they may not chose the same date) which best fits their schedules from an FLC calendar provided by Family Education Department.
  3. 家庭周末 这是整个社区聚集的时刻, family weekends provide an opportunity to highlight student growth, 努力重建家庭,重申学校的使命. 每年都会举办两个家庭周末活动:一个家庭周末 10月 ,另一个在 4月. These weekends begin on Thursday night and end on Sunday at noon.

(Virtual modifications have been made to this program to comply with State and Federal Health Guidelines.)


The family program is open to all 父s and committed adults. 全员参与意味着要尽自己最大的努力. 海德 recognizes that conflicts may arise and the Family Education staff will work closely with each family to create a successful partnership which will ultimately benefit the student.

Parents who participate in the program have an opportunity to graduate with a 海德 Parent Diploma on the morning of their child’s commencement.



在海德, we consciously seek to offer character-forming experiences so that our students and 父s can work together for personal and family growth.  The academic year concludes with a poignant graduation ceremony where each graduate speaks for two minutes as their family stands in the audience.  在这之前, there is a breakfast ceremony on graduation morning where 父s who have completed the Family Education Program receive their own diplomas.

而不是让父母说话, sb体育读了一段简短的引证,说他们的孩子, 的毕业生, 给他们写过信吗.  下面的例子是在最近的一次毕业典礼上读到的:

爸爸, from the ASU football games we attended together when I was a little girl, 敬你在小学教我所有的足球队, to now – I will always be grateful that you have been one of my biggest support systems. sb体育的关系并不总是那么牢固, 但我相信你我都很努力, 特别是今年, 对彼此坦诚相待. 这就是sb体育再次亲密起来的原因. 你的诚实激励了我.

Mom, I am so proud of the person you have become over the last couple of years. You came to 海德 a worried, timid mother who never focused on herself. You are leaving a strong, confidant woman who works on herself. You’ve inspired me to trust in myself and my abilities to lead others.

爸爸, you have been the best example for me of how to have a vision and go for it. Your wisdom as a man is something I try to absorb and practice as I grow into my independence as an adult. I don’t have to look very far for motivation or inspiration in my pursuit of success.

正如这些语句所表明的, our kids are inspired when they observe us striving to improve our own character. They are inspired less by our accomplishments and more by our own efforts to face the unknown in ourselves. They are moved when we tackle a personal challenge with an uncertain outcome, 当sb体育努力提升自己的时候.

Parents are the primary teachers and the home is the primary classroom.